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My name is Tony Campos, the creator of ProfitGenesis.com.

This is my personal note to you. You may be a visitor, or better still, you may already be a registered member. Either way, I believe that you should know that there is a real person behind this site.  I established this site with the profitgenesis name on April 26, 2008 as registered by ICANN.  Do not get this site confused with any other product with a similar name.

My life began back in 1943. Wow, that is really back there. I still recall vividly the old cars of the 40's and 50's. I also remember when color TV became a great thing. The IBM computer in all its massiveness became a catch word. When my father bought me that Olympia typewriter, I thought that I had attained the ultimate working weapon. Now, as I look back on it all, I am amazed at how far we have come. The young geeks of today have been successful in making money on the web with their enthusiasm for becoming rich. However, they are not necessarily good teachers. The programs that they sell are quite often lacking in educational principles. Their material is certainly not geared for the newbie who is in no way a computer geek. Most important of all, some of these people lack in ethics by claiming that they are making a million dollars per year with a website that is composed with only a sales pitch.

Take a good look at my site. It is composed of many pages without hype. I deal in knowledge.

I am here as a teacher. I consider myself an educationalist. I have a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara. I have an MBA from Golden Gate University out of San Francisco. My speciality was business model analysis. I am an accredited Ph.D. in business with a speciality in electronic commerce from Northcentral University.  My PhD major is electronic commerce. 

Oh, I spent a one year tour in Vietnam where I learned about the stupidity of politics and the motivations of human nature.

I taught business for several years in college, and then started my own driving school. However, I realized from the start that a labor intensive type of business by a single individual would not create wealth. However, my business was highly profitable.

I studied all of the multi-level systems and fads of the 70' and 80's. I found most of those to be failures. However, I did take note of what it took to really make it big in those types of business ventures. It took a whole lot of determination and a whole lot of banging on doors. I found that only a very small percentage of the population possessed the necessary qualities and abilities to ever make money in those ventures.

Our public school system simply failed to educate people on how to make money. Well, I guess not much has really changed in that respect. Here we are in a highly capitalist nation, and yet our public school system is totally lacking in teachers that can teach about making money. It is pathetic. That is why I am here. I love to talk about profit creation, and I love the idea of using the internet to get the job done. Finally, if I cannot convince people to hear what I have to say without using manipulation, then I guess I will just have to talk to the empty galeries of cyber space. People should have the common sense to realize the truth and not fall prey to manipulation. Whatever the case, I simply will not resort to hype with big headlines. I may lose sales as a result, but I do place value on integrity and ethics.

I started www.worldenquirer.com many years ago as a free financial website for those interested in the stock market. I have listed my websites on the front page.

My purpose on ProfitGenesis.com is to make money, but it is also my purpose to earn my keep by giving you more than what you pay for. I will always give you as much education as I possibly can without charge. The ultimate goal of ProfitGenesis.com is to develop a high ranking reputation for helping people to become successful. For better or for worse, I am married to this. I will always welcome your input.

Just one other major note that should be mentioned here. Yes, you can make money on the Internet. However, I warn you that you must not believe some of the stories that are told on some sites. In the schools of my day, we learned to think for ourselves. Face reality when you see some young geek claim that he is making thousands of dollars per day with a background scene of a cheap apartment while he is dressed in a cheap pullover shirt with no point of reference given. What a scam! How about the stories of rags to riches....another form of scam. It goes on and on. Whatever money they make is based on deceit.

To be a teacher is to be a student of the world. That is what I am. I remain humbly at your service. Anthony Campos, PhD

My PhD major was electronic commerce.

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