It does take some work to get to this all important stage. With all of the basic work done, you now should automate your system so that it runs day and night without your intervention. You should be able to make sales even as you sleep or go away on vacation. This is the biggest advantage of an internet business where the manager does not have to be present as would be the case in a bricks and mortar business.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, the visitor will read your pre-sell content which will then lead to the product review. Then the visitor will hit the link that will carry him or her to the marketer's landing page. The link that is hit will be encoded with your account code. If the visitor should buy from the landing page (sales order page), you would be credited with the commission. An internet accounting firm such as clickbank or commission junction would tabulate your commission and keep it in your account until the time comes to send you the check. All of this becomes automatic, and we call this being on autopilot. It works day and night. The specifics of all this will in part be covered here and elsewhere on this site. If you acquire any of the products being offered by our affiliates, you will get step by step instructions on each operation.

The important thing is to get your site operating by itself where a visitor will arrive and order through one of your affiliate links with that order going to a place like clickbank. Then, your commission is automatically figured out with a check sent to you every two weeks by the dispatching organization. This would then simply go on and on. Of course, it would still be advisable for you to continue working your sources of gathering new visitors. Getting new traffic to your site will be an ongoing chore on your part. However, outside of making modifications on your site, you would never again have to work as hard as you did when you first built your site.

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