Second Stage: Domain-Host Concept

Let us get the terminology correct. A domain is the name that you register with a registrar. The domain is not the physical website. A hosting service will provide the actual real estate which will stand for the name (domain) that you chose.

There are two very important factors to consider when chosing a domain name. You should consider that the name itself should come close to describing what the site is all about. In other words, the domain name of does describe that the site has something to do with vitamins. The other factor which is the most important is something which many internet newbies never realize and that is that some portion of the name should be related to a major keyword that is used often on the search engines. For example, the name "vitamin" or "health" would certainly be a major keyword used by surfers on the search engines. It would not be good to use your own name unless you were a well known personality. It would not be a good idea to use a weird name that in no way even resembled your main product. The reasoning for this will be explained.

The search engines will pick up on the name of the domain. Although short names are preferable, a long name of say three or four words could still work fine so long as each word segment is well defined. It is better to have the word segments not be fused in such a manner that it becomes hard to visually make out the segments. Using hyphens to separate each word segment is usually not advantageous and cannot be advised. However, if you do use a three or four word name separated by dashes, then you should also register the non-hyphenated version of that domain to protect yourself against those who would use you name to ride on your tail. Avoid using abbreviations since the engines cannot make out the words. It is also advisable to use the .com designation. When writing the domain within the text of the website, it is better to use the first letter of each word as a capital. For example, should be written as

If you pick a name such as, you could consider using and backing that with a registration of and have it redirected to your site. That can be considered an insurance policy so that no one else can ride on your original name as per the statement from the prior paragraph. The fact remains that three or four word names tend to fuse together. The important thing to remember here is that you should never register a name with dashes and then not register the name without the dashes.

It all depends on how the letters are configured when put together. There are times when even a three word name looks good without the dashes. You should look at all your choices and go with something that looks clear. It can be very advantageous to have all three words of the name stand for keywords, but if this is not possible, then the first two should count heavily.

Pick names that are easy to spell after being pronounced. I own a domain called I always have to explain that it is enq and not inq, and some people cannot even add the er at the end of it. As a result, I had to register both versions to avoid trouble.

Although most of the new entrants to the field do not place much importance on the hosting service, I will now emphasize something very important. The hosting service that you choose could very well mean the difference between success and failure. Picking a service on the criteria that it is cheap could be a very bad mistake. Such a service is cheap for a reason. It does not offer much. While such a cheap service could still prove successful to a master web operator, it would prove disasterous to all those who lack experience.

I tried the cheap services when I first started. Actually some of them proved to be expensive for the service that was rendered. Most of them were simply not geared to help you operate efficiently with the search engines. Since so many newbies do not even know where to place the key words in the file pages, the end result is that the site does not get ranked very well at Google or at Yahoo. Quite often, the inexperienced operator will pay a hundred dollars per year to an engine submission service and still not get efficient service. If you are now in that sort of situation, I advise that you consider starting over and stop wasting your money on hosting services and engine submission programs that are not efficient.

Each hosting service will have its own type of web builder. The problem is that many people will join a service without considering the web builder being used. One time I joined a hosting service based on its cheap price. It was a drag and drop type of builder which seemed simple enough. However, the system was not stable, and my entries would actually move around. There were times when my entries would not show up online where I had placed them. It was frustrating. Make sure that the service offers a thirty day trial with money back.

I will admit that I do like the Trellix web builder system, because it is so easy to understand. I can only advise that you find a host that offers Trellix if your site is destined to be small in size. I do have some sites operating under the Trellix system. However, you still have to find a hosting service that will maximize the system most efficiently. For example, Earthlink uses the Trellix system, but it is more expensive and not as good as say aPlus. The point is simply this. Why mess around with mediocrity. I now use Solo Build It on my main site here at It is just a little more expensive and a little harder to understand at first compared to the Trellix system, but I get results because the Solo Build It system is solid and it is geared from within to deal directly with the major search engines on a continual basis. In other words, you will not need to waste time and money on a submission service, and you will not need to figure out where to enter your key words for each page on your site. Solo Build It also comes with an autoresponder which is required if you are serious about making money. It is for that reason that I carry this hosting service as an affiliate. For those that still want the cheaper service, I will recommend aPlus that uses Trellix. However, keep in mind one very important factor. If you do buy into the cheaper service, you will eventually have to pay more for the extras that are already included in Solo Build It. With something like Solo Build It, you will get unlimited pages, unlimited viewer activity, an autoresponder, pages and pages of educational material about marketing your product and automatic search engine optimization.

What is HTML?

HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. For learning purposes, just think of it as a language that the computer understands. Both a Trellix system host and Solo Build It will offer you the ability to build your site without using html. However, Solo Build It will allow you to use html whenever you desire. The good news is that it really is easy using html when needed. You should not fear learning basic html. I use it with Solo Build It to create bold print, use italics, color text, etc.

Here’s a good online HTML tutorial:

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