Super Affiliate Marketing

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What Are Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to get started marketing online. In essence affiliate programs or associate programs are revenue sharing arrangements where companies (merchants) pay webmasters commission for sending them customers.

You are paid a commission if the person buys a product or service, (Pay Per Sale − Most Popular Option), clicks on an affiliate link (Pay Per Click − Less popular due to fraud) or simply fills out a form (Pay Per Lead − Also Very Popular)

Basically affiliate programs are programs that enable you to sell other peoples products for a percentage of the sale. They are also a very hot topic at the moment. To see a comprehensive list of affiliate programs you can join, visit You can virtually sell anything online now thanks to affiliate programs.

For some people, affiliate programs offer a lifestyle they never thought could have been possible. Not having to create a product of their own is sometimes a god send. Not every one has the time or the money to create their own product.

Don't get me wrong, having you're own product or service is a great thing, but it's also time consuming and often frustrating.

Why 95% Of All Affiliates Fail

Budding affiliates fail for so many reasons it's hard to count. But what I have done is listed the main reason why 95% of all failed affiliates failed. I hope that made sense :)

1. They Simply Do Nothing To Promote The Affiliate Program This is the most common mistake I see happening. People simply sign up for the affiliate program and they either think the money is magically going to roll in, or they simply didn't take the responsibility of being an affiliate as seriously as they should have.

Because most affiliate programs are free to join, people don't really take it as seriously as say someone who pays $1000 for resell rights to a certain product would. You need to treat you're affiliate network like a serious business or you will never earn serious profits. That's why alot of affiliate managers only let the person who buys their product join their affiliate program.

This I think makes it fair for the people who are willing to spend some money on their business. No matter how hard you try, you will have to open your wallet sooner or later.

2. They Get Incorrect Information From So Called Experts Or Read Outdated Material. Two big myths, free classified ad style advertising works and placing paid advertising for their program will reap huge profits. All incorrect. Let me explain FFA posts and free classified ads use to work. You could once rely on these to bring in a fair bit of money. Now days though, I feel the work you have to put into them is too much trouble for the results you get. You would be lucky to even a response from this sort of advertising. That also goes for putting affiliate banner links up and expecting that to work. The biggest secret for all affiliates is to create a 1 page site that's focused on one product and theme.

1 product + 1 web site = big profits. If you don't remember anything else in this book, remember that.

The next unsuccessful strategy affiliates use, usually comes as a surprise to most people. What most affiliate program managers tell you is that promoting their affiliate program directly with paid advertising is the best way to earn profits.

What this basically does is increase the "brand" value of their affiliate program. IE, it makes them more well known, yet you're still "un known". The reason that this is one of the biggest killers of affiliates is because, there could be over 5000 other affiliates promoting the same program. What you want to do is stand out of the pack by getting the persons email address so you can continually advertise (while offering good content) so they become familiar with you. You have to give these people a reason to buy from you, not the other 4999 affiliates promoting the same product. Don't expect the affiliate program manager to do this for you. If you really want to create a successful business you must collect people's email addresses, which we will show you how to in this book.

The Main Super Affiliate Goal

The main goal of any successful affiliate is to capture as many Opt−In email addresses as possible. Don't get this confused with Spam. Opt−In email is where the person gives you their address in good faith, usually when you give them something in return. The most common would be an online newsletter or ezine, where people usually subscribe from your web site. Free online courses are another way to generate Opt−In email addresses.

Collecting Opt−In email addresses allows you to keep in contact with prospects and customers quickly and cheaply, whenever you want.

Frank Garon is the king of affiliate Opt−In mailing. Last year he generated $130,000 in profits alone without a product of his own. How? He generated a large Opt−In list overtime and gave them everything they needed to succeed online. He also became a trusted friend and offered free no strings attached consultation. What more could you ask from the man? He runs his ezine daily, which is always full of great articles and resources, and he helps any one that needs help. There are so many affiliates out their doing the same thing over and over again, it's great to see someone taking his affiliate business seriously and thinking outside the box. I honestly think this is the best way to build a successful affiliate business. I highly recommend you join his free ezine list at and read everything he has to say.

How To Select The Affiliate Program That Will Make You The Most Money

People will always tell you to only promote affiliate programs that you know something about or have a passion about, but I think that's totally full of it. I know a lot about Cricket (That's a sport us Aussies play) but I'm not going to promote an affiliate program selling cricket gear because it would be in possible to find a large enough market, and the last affiliate program I saw for Cricket gear was offering 15% of every sale. There is no way I'm going to go ahead and pour time into something that's going to pay me virtually nothing in return. The only reason I would promote an affiliate program is for the money, not for a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach.

Now that I've said my little bit, I have to retract it somewhat and add that I never promote a product I've have not used OR in rare circumstances I will promote products that are well known and I've heard good things about.

Since we are looking to create quicker affiliate profits then usual, look for a program that will pay 40% to 50% of every sale to you. The only exception to this would be if your promoting residual income affiliate programs. Residual income affiliate programs pay you per month on what you sell. For instance, say you start promoting a web hosting company and you sell 10 hosting packages for $25.95 a month, and for every sale you get $10.00. Then as long as they stayed signed up for the web hosting, you get paid $10 every month without doing any extra work.

I love these kind of programs, but your not going to want to use these as the first affiliate program you promote. Why? Because it will be very hard to break even on the first sale. To find a listing of all known residual income affiliate programs, visit

Again if you're looking for a directory of affiliate programs to promote, I highly recommend you visit which is run by a very smart man called Allan Gardyne. I highly recommend youjoin his free newsletter which I believe is better then most paid newsletters. If you're wondering what affiliate programs I recommend, that's a hard question. However, I promote a lot of Internet marketing affiliate programs solely because the people who run these programs have usually been affiliates themselves and know how they would like to be treated.

Generating Thousands Without A Web Site Or A Product Of Your Own

Quick Intro − Read This First

This is a quick guide on how you can earn a full time income with affiliate programs without even a web site. This is so simple, it's stupid, yet so many affiliates keep failing.

The biggest reason why I failed when I first started online was because I complicated things. I tried to create huge web sites filled with content, and it just didn't work because I lost my motivation.

With this guide, all you have to do is create a free autoresponder series, then advertise it directly with ezines and other simple methods that I will show you.

Step 1. Select 3 Affiliate Programs

To make this work and not be a one hit wonder, you will need to select THREE affiliate programs to join. The criteria to select this programs is a little different then going out and selecting the affiliate program with the biggest commission, even though this does play a role. Of course, all the affiliate programs you promote will have to be on the one subject. For instance, say your first affiliate program is an ebook on Mini Sites, then your second affiliate program you sell could be a members only site based on Mini Sites and your third affiliate program could be a service where someone creates a network of Mini Sites for your customers. I will talk more about this later, and how the pricing is crucial.

The first affiliate program you promote will want to be one which pays a larger then normal commission on the first sale. Do not accept anything less then 40% commission for your first affiliate program. The reason for this is because we want to make a profit on the first affiliate program and by selling any product that does not make you at least $20 per sale you will not profit straight away. The main aim of this is to reallybuild up your Opt−in Mailing list.

If you break even, don't be discouraged. Breaking even is an amazing result, and if you have built your list up, then you will be profiting for years to come. So for your first affiliate program, choose a product that sells for around $40 to $50 and where you still get at least 40% of the total profits.

Your second affiliate program you join will be in the category of what we call "Residual Income". This is an affiliate program that pays you every month someone stays signed up for their product or service.

For example, if you were to promote a web hosting company, and they charged $25 a month, you would get around $10 a month for as long as that person stays signed up for web hosting. Terry Dean believes this is the closest way to earning a secure pay check every month. These are great programs to promote because all they require is a little hard work up front and you're set for months, even years. That's why I recommend promoting this type of program once you have a large list of names to email to.

Of course you will still be promoting your free course to other people, but this is a way to make back end sales from your current list. Don't think if you've advertised to these people once, that's all they are good for. I will talk more about this later in the book You can find a large list of Residual Income affiliate programs at which is run by Allan Gardyne. You will hearing a lot about that name in this book.

I highly recommend you look at Terry Deans NetbreakThroughs and his affiliate program. It would have to be one of the best members site's I have ever seen. Now your third affiliate program will also be a program that you will promote to your current subscriber list. This program should pay you a large lump sum of money. This type of program will have a lower conversion rate, but you should be making $80 to $150 commission per sale. I am currently promoting Internet Marketing Bootcamp which is paying me just over $119.10 per sale. If you would like to find a directory of affiliate programs, visit or

Step 2. Create A Free Report Series

I'm going to keep this step very simple and to the point, but remember, this step is vital to your affiliate success. I will go as far as saying that if you create a responsive Opt−In list, 75% of your work is done foryou already. That goes for anything you're doing online.

This free report will be promoting the first affiliate program you chose from step 1. It should be priced around $40 or $50 and pay you around $20 to $25 per sale. Creating your free report is easy. Either find 5 articles on your subject that you're allowed to use, or create 5 articles yourself. They don't have to be long, only around 500 words. Then send them out to your prospects over 5 days using your autoresponder. Make sure these reports are full of useful information, not just blatant advertising. You do however get a chance to advertise to them directly later.

How I create autoresponder series is by writing 5 to 10 articles on the topic the affiliate program I'm promoting is on. For instance, if I were writing a report on search engine ranking, I would create the following articles.

1. The Tools Of The Search Engine Specialist

2. Meta Data, Yes Or No?

3. How Mini Sites Can Generate Thousands In Extra Visitors

4. Getting Listed In Yahoo! The Easy Way

5. Creating Keywords Relevant To Your Site

6. Search Engine Ranking On A Budget

7. The Biggest Search Engine Myths

And so on..

Everyone can write, I don't care what you say. Keeping it simple is the best way to go. Don't get daunted by the task ahead of you otherwise you will delay doing anything at all.

Another tip I have for writing articles is to jot down points, and use those points to build your article. For instance, when writing "How Mini Sites Can Generate Thousands In Extra Visitors", I would jot down points like this.

* Choosing A Domain Name

* Finding Cheap Web Hosting

* Using Keywords Throughout The Web Site

* Submitting To Search Engines

* Tracking Hits

* Doing This All Over Again

I would then write 100 to 200 words per point and voila!, there's your first article/report for you to use. Now when sending out your free report with your autoresponder, it should be set up something like this.

When the person signs up, they get part 1, then for the next 4 days they get parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. In these messages, you will get a chance to advertise to them in the first and last sections of your message. Here's an example of an autoresponder message I sent out.

Hi [[firstname]],

I would like to thank you for requesting our free report "How To Become A Super Affiliate And A Digital Information Millionaire On A Budget". My name is Shane Pearce, and I recently quit my job and I'm now working from home as both a Super Affiliate And A Digital Information Marketer. In this free report, I am going to show you how you aswell can work from home selling your own and other people's products, for amazing profits.

Not only that, I'm going to show you how you can do it ON A BUDGET with the power of Mini Sites. And I will show you exactly what product I'm selling as my own, but did not create. It really is a great business to be in.

This course is written in plain english, and is very easy to read, however, if you have any questions or comments, then please feel free to contact me at

P.S, [[firstname]], for a very limited time only I'm offering to everyone who buys Master Reprint Rights to Killer Mini Sites from my site, a special bonus of SIX MONTHS worth of email consultation FREE. That's right, ask me any question's anytime. How valuable is that to you? Not only will you get your own product/business to market online, I will help you do it in the process.


Part 1, Becoming A Super Affiliate On A Budget With Mini Affiliate Sites


Earning a good income from Affiliate Programs is not as hard as everyone make's it out to be. The figure's are that 95% of all affiliates never earn enough to warrant a check. And of those 5% only 1 to 2% earn enough to live off their commissions. That's not good news for the "average" Joe Affiliate is it.

But I'm telling you now, it does not have to be that hard. All you need is a simple formula that work's over and over again. It really is that simple.

The hard part is doing it all on a very tight budget, which I will show you how right now. (I recommend grabbing a pen and paper and writting down any good points)

******* Unsuccessful Affiliate Strategies *******

Here are a few thing's that kill any chance Affiliate's have of earning any decent commissions.

1. They Simply Do Nothing To Promote The Affiliate Program This is the most common mistake I see happening. People simply sign up for the Affiliate Program and they either think the money is magically going to roll in, or they simply didn't take the responsibility of being an Affiliate as seriously as they should have. Because most Affiliate Programs are free to join, people don't really take it as seriously as say someone who pay's $1000 for resell rights to a certain product. You need to treat your Affiliate Network like a serious business or you will never earn serious profits.

That's why I only let people who buy my course join my Affiliate Program. This I think makes it fair for the people who are willing to spend some money on their business. No matter how hard you try, you will have to open your wallet sooner or later.

2. They Get Incorrect Information From So Called Experts Or Read Outdated Material. Two big myths, free classified ad style advertising works and placing paid advertisingfor their program will reap huge profits. All incorrect. Let me explain FFA posts and free classified ad's use to work. You could once rely on these to bring in a fair bit of money. Now days though, I feel the work you have to put into them is too much trouble for the results you get. You would be lucky to even a response from this sort of advertising. That also goes for putting Affiliate banner links up and expecting that too work. The biggest secret for all Affiliates is to create a 1 page site that's focused on one product and theme.

1 product + 1 Web Site = Big Profits. If you don't remember anything else in this course, remember that.


The 5 Step's To Becoming A Super Affiliate On A Budget


******* Step 1 *******

1. Create A 1 Page Free Report Web Site With A Simple Subscribe Form

Before we get into creating your Mini Affiliate Site we need to select an Affiliate Program to promote. If you already have one you want to promote, move on, if not read on :)

When selecting your first Affiliate Program for your Mini Affiliate Site, I suggest you go for a product with a rather large price tag, so you can make profit's from day one. Of course the big money come's from you backend, which we will talk about later. I alway's suggest you promote a product you have used and trust before anything else.

Don't just promote an Affiliate Program because of the commissions, as that's a sure fire way to fail.

If you're looking for a directory of Affiliate Programs to join instantly, I suggest you look at Allan Gardyne's

Setting up a web site now has never been easier. A few year's ago, domain names sold for $35 for 1 year, and webhosting was about the same for 1 month. Now it's so very inexpensive. You can purchase domains names for $13.50 at and even cheaper at

The last time I checked they were selling dot com, net, org names for only $8.95. As I speak, there's a new hosting company that specialises in hosting Mini Sites. They are and for only $9.95 you get 3 months of quality web hosting. If you would like an example of a very effective Mini Site have a look at the following sites. http://www.track−your−−date− You can find alot of really good web site templates at

Writing Articles That Get Published

Being an affiliate is a hard enough job at the best of times, but have you ever tried to get your article published in a large ezine publication? It can be a nightmare sometimes. It's even harder if you try and work your affiliate link into the article. Articles are a great way to get free exposure for your web site and your affiliate program. Hopefully your web sites goal will be to get Opt−In email addresses and you have some sort of free report system working. However, I have been testing an idea for quite awhile now that I think really works and I guarantee you that you will get your article published 100% more then you do now. This works especially well if you're running an Opt−In mailing list which I recommend you do. Ezine publishers receive hundreds of articles for publishing a week, so why should they publish yours? You might think you have the best article ever written, and you might, but ezine publishers have to make money too you know. My idea not only will increase your chances of getting published but you will also be helping ezine publishers make more money, which in the long run they will remember and will be more receptive to your articles in the future. Here's the idea.

When you write your article, try and work an affiliate link into it. Make sure it's in context and not just a blatant advertisement as that's why most ezine publishers refuse to publish affiliate members articles. As I was saying, write your article and in that article put a link to an affiliate program you're promoting in context in your article. It helps when doing this that you can say that you honestly use that product or service. I guarantee you a personal endorsement in your article will double the sales you would get with out an endorsement.

The twist here is that the affiliate link you put in will be changed by the ezine publisher. You will be letting the ezine publisher change your affiliate link in your article so they can earn commissions from your articleand therefore increasing the chances of getting your article published. This has never failed for me and I'm sure it won't fail for you.

So how do you make money from this? Well if you have your own autoresponder free report series set up, you can use that in your article by line. You would make more sales from this then from commissions from the article. Your goal in any affiliate exercise is to get as many Opt−In email addresses as possible and as cheaply and quickly as possible.

Make sure your article by line is something that catches the readers attention. Heres a by line I used when promoting an article on Mini Sites. You can see I use a tracker to show how many people click on my link. Shane Pearce has been helping people succeed online for over three years and has dedicated his life to Internet Marketing. Visit his web site to find out how you can create mini sites that sell like crazy. Go to Master Internet Marketing at However, if you wanted to promote your free autoresponder report series I would use something like this, Shane Pearce has been helping people succeed online for over three years and has dedicated his life to Internet Marketing. Find out how to earn a full time automated income with affiliate programs on a budget by sending a blank email to (I have many variations of this by line) This is the most effective way to use your article. Going for the one off sale is ridiculous and risky to your online business.

Advertising Your Affiliate Program On A Budget Here's a fool proof way to advertise your affiliate program on a budget that I've used many times before to build not only a large Opt−In mailing list but also a very large automated income.

Advertising in Ezines.

Ezines are a constant source of potential prospects. Of course when you're advertising, we won't be directly advertising your affiliate program.You will be advertising the free report you have created via your autoresponder. Advertising your affiliate program directly in my opinion is a waste of your time and money. You will never make any money online unless you start capturing Opt−In email addresses so you can constantly advertise to these people over and over while still giving them useful content.

If you want to learn how to create your free autoresponder report series, click HERE. Now lets get down to the fun part, advertising your free report via ezines. If you're on a really tight budget, I suggest you start off with classified advertising. This is the cheapest form of advertising in ezines you can possibly get, except for free articles submission. Classified ads are usually 4 or 5 line ads that come clustered together with other people's classified ads. There no where near as effective as solo ads or top sponsorship ads, but can be highly effective if you know what you're doing. The most important aspect of advertising with classified ads is getting the readers attention. Very few people read this sort of advertising with any conviction, so you really need a heading that stands out from the rest. How do you do this? Easy! There are a few powerful words and phrases that make most people stop and read. Of course there's no use advertising Basketball gear to people looking to make money online. No powerful words or phrases willsave you if you don't advertise to the correct market. Using word's like FREE REPORT and SECRETS REVEALED always gets peoples attention. Then however you need to promise them something of value like, "Discover How To Stop Smoking In Less Then 7 Days". Here's a classified ad I used to promote my free course. FREE REPORT: Increase Your Web Site Traffic By 2700% Find Out How To Advertise ANY Product Or Service Online For PENNIES. Budget Marketing Is The Wave Of The Future! Send A Blank Email to This got an amazing response because it told the readers exactly what they were going to learn. People want specifics not generalisations. Which heading do you think would work best?


I know I would keep reading the second heading before OR if I even read the first heading. I want to know exactly how much and when I will be making this money. I'm sure you're thinking the same too. Finding cheap classified advertising is not hard at all. Here are a few resources you can use to find ezines to advertise in.−zine−list/

If you're looking specifically for classified advertising, you can't go past and

You can advertise to thousands of people for $2 per ad, with a minimum buy of $10. This is a great way to test your ad copy before you start buying more expensive solo and top sponsorship ads. If you want great bang for your buck, I suggest you start using solo ads. solo ads are great and for the exposure you get, they are surprisingly cheap. You can advertise to 15,000 people for around $100 − $150 per ad. That's only $10 per 1000 readers, which is extremely cheap and if you chose your ezine correctly, it's extremely targeted.

I find that solo ads pull the best out of any advertising I do. However solo ads cost anywhere between $30 to $3000 dollars per ad. I have had great results with many Internet Marketing type solo ads. One rule however is to never place an ad in an ezine that you have not read yourself. By that I mean you physically open the email and read what they have to say. The chances are that if you don't read the ezine, most others don't either.

Smaller ezines (1,000 to 15,000 subscribers) always pull a lot better then large ezines (15000+ subscribers) and cost a lot less. I've advertised in an ezine with 50,000 subscribers and it didn't produce as many sales as an ezine with only 3,000 subscribers. Always look for ezines that produce their own fresh content to advertise in. People who publish the same article as other ezines don't tend to be as widely read. Other things to look out for when advertising in ezines are, 1) How often is it published − Daily − Weekly − Monthly. Daily ezines usually have a lower response then say weekly publications. 2) How many ads are published − How many solo ads a week are sent out and how many ads in the newsletter are allowed. Publishers that give away free classified ads for joining in my experience have a very low readership. If you don't have the money for solo ads but want to get more exposure then classified ads, I recommend top sponsorship ad's. These ad's are the first advertisement you find in the ezine and are usually placed above the feature article. Since top sponsorship ads are the closest thing to solo ads, they are a great way to test your ad copy before you spend money on solo ads. Another method I've used with some success is what's called safe list mailing. This is very much like buying solo ads in ezines but with a twist. Most safe list mailing company's have thousands of Opt−In email addresses in many categories like Business Opps or Sports and so on.

There's a service called which I have fallen in love with. Depending on what option you choose, you can mail out your ad to specific categories from 1 to 5 times a week. These lists will not pull as well as solo ads, but the price is an absolute bargain. Again the best method to use here is to get the readers to sign up for your free autoresponder report as the people in these lists are not as receptive as "ezines" as such. It's also a very good way to test your solo ad copy.

Creating Unlimited Leads For Your Affiliate Program I don't know about you, but I would rather have a web site visitor that I could contact when ever I wanted, rather then a visitor that comes once and vanishes. Read on to see what I mean.

Most web sites try and make the sale on the visitors first visit. While I see nothing wrong with this, not centering your attention on capturing the visitors email address seems a waste to me. No matter how good your sales letter is, you're not going to make 100% of sales. You're probably saying, "Of course not, don't be stupid, I'm happy with my 2% visitor to sales ratio". That's a good point, but it gets harder when you're trying to sell products to people for the first time and your price is out of the lead generating phase, IE more then $100. Also, it can be difficult to get very targeted traffic for a good price, so trying to make a sale from someone who maybe isn't as interested as another more expensive yet targeted visitor is hard. What I would do in this situation is to create a small 1 page mini site, (in no way am I saying ditch your current site) that focuses solely on getting the visitors email address. Of course the visitor is not going to hand over his email address for a warm fuzzy feeling, so you really have to entice them with a fair offer. One way to do this is by giving away a free report when they subscribe. Rather then blasting these people with constant sales letters, you will be educating them about a subject that interests them and this will be a subject your selling a product or service on. This is a great way to get peoples attention who usually would not be interested or as interested in what your selling. It also breathes a feeling of trust into the impersonal nature of the Internet. If you're wondering how to create your own free report, it's not that hard. Create 4 or 5 articles about the topic of your product and send them out over a period of 4 or 5 days. Then on the 6th and 7th day, give your readers a call to action. Make them want to buy from you by offering a special discount or added bonus.

Of course this wouldn't be the end of the contact you have with them. Every two to four weeks, send themanother email that has some educational value to it, but still promotes your web site and product's to them.

If you're looking for a good autoresponder with all the trimmings, I suggest you look at

Boosting Your Income With Reprint Rights To be honest with you, I got sick of promoting products for a percentage of the sale, however I did not want to create my own product yet. By this time, I had a customer base, just like you will if you follow my plan. So what I did was I went hunting for resell rights, or also called reprint rights to a product. Resell Rights are products that you pay a lump sum of money for and you can sell the product as yours for all the profits. It's like an affiliate program where you get paid 100% of the profits. Of course this is nowhere near as effective as creating your own product, but if you have your own customer and prospect list, these resell rights can really boost your income through the roof. I'm currently selling resell rights to a product from my site called "Killer Mini Sites". I purchased the master copy for $249.95. This allows me to sell the book for $24.95, $79.95 and $249.95. As a bonus for buying this book, you also get the $79.95 version of the book which you can sell yourself for $24.95, fully branded with your affiliate links.

Of course with this you will have to create a web site, but most resell rights come with a sales letter for you to use. To accept credit card's just use It's that simple. I talk more about this in another section of the book.

The secret to finding good product's to sell is simple. If you've seen the product being passed around for free, forget it. Most of the time resell right products end up being given away for free, for example, Yanik Silvers "Auto Responder Magic" and "Million Dollar Emails". These sold well for quite a while, but the market got saturated very quickly.

If you wanted to start selling Auto Responder Magic And Million Dollar Emails today you will have a hard time finding a large market who have not heard or read the book. Of course, there are way's around this. You could create your own product based around these books and then that becomes your own unique product.

Terry Dean did this with He purchased resell rights to a product and created awhole new line of manuals around it and turned it into his own unique product that no one else was selling.

He then setup an affiliate program and it's earning money for him around the clock with very little personal involvement at all.

If you don't want to create your own product for this then don't worry. You would be surprised at what can make a difference in someone's decision making process. This is a secret very rarely used by anyone except the big guns of Internet Marketing, but the thing is, like most "big secrets" it's extremely simple. Here's what to do to make yourself different from the rest. Increase the price. I know that might sound stupid to you, but keep reading. While you're going to increase the price of the product, you're also going to add bonuses that are solely yours. What I mean by that is, instead of selling the product as is like everyone else, add bonus ebooks, consultation, audio interviews, anything that adds more value to what you're offering. Make what you're offering unique. You will of course have to change the sales letter around a bit so you can add in your bonuses. I myself would create a whole new sales letter from scratch, while still using some of the points from the original. Your main goal is to make your products stand out from the rest so you don't have to worry about competition. Competition I believe is a great thing as it gives the buyer more options and more choices. Be sure to get resell rights to products you've read and have enjoyed. Don't just buy resell rights for the chance to sell a product of your own. Another way to get resell rights to products before any one else is by asking publishers who do not currently offer resell rights to their product to do so for you only. This of course will cost you a pretty penny, as most resell rights come for around $1000. Find a book or course you like and email the publisher and ask them if they are interested in giving you resell rights to their products. Most publishers do not even think of selling resell rights to their product and would be more then glad to do so. This is also a great way to build friendships and joint ventures with other people in your field of work.

How I Made $1159.70 In Less Then 3 Weeks With Affiliate Programs, Then Doubled It With Reprint Rights.

This is a very quick step, but it will show you exactly how I earned over two thousand dollars in the first few weeks I started promoting affiliate programs. I started off promoting three affiliate programs, I then wrote 3 articles based around all those affiliate programs and I put links to them in my article. Mind you I did not have a web site or anything sophisticated like that :) I submitted articles to hundreds of ezine publishers which I found at and and sent them out in one day. These articles produced over $1200 in sales in three weeks. In my article byline I also placed my autoresponder link so they could sign up for my free course. With these names, which was just over 700, I gave them the chance to buy another product from me that I happened to buy the resell rights to. I earned another $1100 from these people as well in that initial 3 or 4 week period. So that's just a bit over $2300 in sales in 4 weeks work. Mind you, I live in Australia and $2300 in sales US is over $4500 Australian dollars. I was also getting checks every month for doing nothing as other people began promoting my articles with out me asking them. I also ended up getting my name blasted all over the search engine's as people who published my articles put them on their web sites. I also signed up quite a lot of people under me, who are now selling these product's and I'm still earning commission from their hard work. I love 2−tier affiliate programs, they bring you in just a little bit extra every month for nothing with no permanent web site.

That's it. It cost me nothing to set up and the advertising was free, so it was all PURE PROFIT. I do the same thing now every month without fail. While what I made in that month is small compared to other affiliates, it goes to show you how putting a little hard work in your first month online can bring you amazing profits.

The longer you keep promoting your affiliate programs and trying new methods, you will constantly see increases every month in your commissions.

Creating The Ultimate Mini Affiliate Site Why would we create a mini affiliate site if all through out this book I've been telling you to never send people to your web site when you're advertising online? No, it's not because I'm a hypocrite, but having your own web site that's actually selling something, not just a subscription form for your course, has some very useful benefits. Some of those benefits are, 1) Being able to post your site to discussion boards 2) Using pay per click search engines for instant profits 3) Creating free articles as search engine bait The reason you would create a mini affiliate site is to make sales instantly from your advertising. All through out this book I've been urging you to get as many Opt−In email leads as possible, but sometimes making money straight away can be the best affiliate medicine. Creating this site does not have to be difficult, how ever like most things to do with online marketing, there is a formula to follow for success. Making yourself stand out from the thousands of affiliates that are probably promoting the same affiliate program can be difficult. The best way to combat this is to make the affiliate program your own product. No, I don't mean stealing or copywriting, what I mean is to add an extra bonus onto the affiliate program you're promoting that the visitor can't get anywhere else. Your current web site visitor has probably seen this affiliate program before and hasn't purchased from any one else selling it, so why should they purchase it from you? This is the question you have to address. Johannes Garrido was spot on the money when he created Track−Your− to promote Let me tell you now that when he created this site, Roibot had been promoted all over the Internet, and being run by Mark Joyner, it was promoted successfully for a very long time. What Johannes did was create his own time sensitive special offer for his web site visitors when they signed up for Roibot free. Of course, after they received the first month free, they had to pay $19 a month for the service, and that's when Johannes will be making his own life time income with affiliate programs. His sales letter makes it look like the affiliate program he's promoting is his own product, which I think is a big plus. People are becoming more hesitant to buy from affiliate links, which is something I discuss later on in this book. Another thing Johannes does well is he stills tries to capture peoples email address with his pop up window on exit. This way you can go for the sale and still get the person's email address if they don't purchase from you. If you want a pop up on exit window on your site, go to the text file that came with the book called "Javascripts". Setting up a web site now has never been easier. A few year's ago, domain names sold for $35 for 1 year, and web hosting was about the same for 1 month. Now it's extremely inexpensive. You can purchase domains names for $13.50 at and even cheaper at The last time I checked they were selling dot com, net, org names for only $8.95. As I speak, there's a new hosting company that specialises in hosting Mini Sites. They are and for only $9.95 you get 3 months of quality web hosting. I recommend you give them a try if you're setting up your site and want an inexpensive hosting option. So how do you go about advertising your mini site? Apart from the usual ezine advertising, I recommend highly that you use pay per click search engines to advertise your new site. Why? because it's a good way to see how your site's performing instantly. While I'm a little reluctant to use PPCSE's anymore, due to the fact the the leading PPCSE needs to cater more for the little guy again. Also After increasing frustration with their staff I gave up on them and I'm now using with a great deal of satisfaction.

While you won't get as many hits to your site with, I believe they are easier to deal with and they seem to produce very targeted leads. If you would like to find a listing of all known pay per click search engines, visit There's one tip with PPCSE's that will save you hundreds of dollars in wasted advertising and will probably even make you more money. It's simple really. When you're writing your headline for your ad, make it as specific as possible. For instance, if you're selling an ebook for $19.95 on gaining top search engineranking, you could use a heading like this.

$19.95 Ebook Shows You How To Get Top Search Engine Ranking or Top Search Engine Ranking For Only $19.95 This usually stops people looking for free information from clicking on your link, therefore cutting down your untargeted clicks and cutting down your costs, while still making the same amount of sales. I try to never pay more then 20 cents per click and even that's a little too expensive for me. If you know how many people it takes to make a sale at your web site, you can determine how much you can pay per click. Say you get 50 visitors to your site and you make 1 sale worth $20, that means you can pay up to 40 cents per click and still break even. This would be a very good ratio.

Increasing Your Opt−In Mailing List While Profiting Instantly This would have to be one of the best way's to increase your mailing list by up to 400 people a week easily. It's going to cost you money up front, but with my method you will be trying to break even. Breaking even while creating your own Opt−In mailing list is an amazing feat. With Co−registration you can add hundreds of people to your Opt−In list from around 20 cents per lead. Say you buy clicks from somewhere like and you pay 20 cents per click. The person goes to your site, checks it out and if they don't perform an action, you've lost 20 cents just like that. With Co−reg's, you get a certain amount of leads that you can follow up with at anytime, so it's not just a one shot gamble. While you can boost your Opt−In list by thousands quicker then ever before, this is not the most effective way to get subscribers. The people who sign up for your list come from site's that give away free prizes. They then offer the people who signed or are going to sign up for their free contest the chance to join mailing lists. This is where you come in. While they still have to check a box to join your list, it's not as targeted as people who come to your site. You will find you will also get alot of undeliverable emails and people unsubscribing straight away, so unless you know exactly how much an ezine subscriber is worth to you, test with care. Now here comes the clever part. The best way to make these leads as targeted as possible is to offer them a free report when they subscribe. Ok, so that's not so clever, but read on. But the thing is, when these people receive their first email you can send them straight to your mini affiliate site or the affiliate site you're promoting. So basically, your not only getting a lead you can advertise to when ever you want, but you also get an instant web site visitor. Before I go on anymore, here are a few places you can buy Opt−In leads. − Highly Recommended − Recommended − Recommended

By showing these people the web site you're promoting in your first email, your getting instant visitors to your site who are now getting more interested in what your offering. This first email should come straight after they've subscribed and it should be in the form of a thank you for subscribing.

Breaking even is much easier now, as long as the sales letter is pulling well, you should have no problem making sales from these visitors. Also, when you're writing your ad, make it very specific about what you're offering, just like advertising with pay per click search engines. For instance, if I were promoting this book via a free course, I wouldn't make the course about making money online. I would make the course about making money with affiliate programs.

Here's an example ad I would use.

Learn how to become a super affiliate on a budget with this free 5 day course. Generate thousands with out a web site or a product of your own. Check the box to subscribe today. This will somewhat qualify the people joining your list by telling them exactly what they will learn when they sign up. Of course these people will be interested in my book with that sort of ad. You will of course get people who have what I call "Check Box Crazy" and subscribe to everything they offer, but that's got to be expected. Some places only allow them to subscribe to one mailing list from each different category. They all differ somewhat, so I recommend testing before spending a fortune. How Free Mp3 Distribution Will Blast Your Site To Thousands Every Day For Nothing Every body loves mp3's, so why not cash in on the boom? This is not an illegal idea as you're not copywriting any ones work what so ever. If you have an Opt−In list already or have a web site with a fair amount of traffic, this is an excellent way to get more exposure. Creating your own audio product is not hard. All you need is a microphone and soundcard that's compatible and a product called Dubit, which you can try out for free for 30 days. I've tried other voice recorders, but none come close to the quality Dubit brings to the table. The only problem with this is that Dubit turns your audio into .WAV format, which tends to be to large to download over the Internet. However there is a free piece of software that will turn all your wav files to mp3 files instantly and quickly and you can download it at Make sure you download the wav to mp3 file not the mp3 to wav file. The only problem with this program is that it asks you when it's setting up if you want to install Gator and TopText. These programs are now being called scumware and I suggest you do not let them install it. To find out more about scumware visit, If you would like to find another piece of software that does the same thing, visit and type in "Wav To Mp3" as the search text. So what would you talk about in your audio products? What I would do is select an affiliate program you want to promote and produce a free report series via audio, incorporating your affiliate program into it. Say you're promoting a fishing affiliate program that sells fishing lures and tackle. What you could talk about is how to use these effectively to catch the right type of fish. Another example could be you're promoting a piece of software that allows you to get more traffic, your audio series could talk about the best ways to get traffic quickly and cheaply, while telling your listeners that you use this piece of software to get most of your traffic. Personal endorsements are the best way to increase sales. The problem with this is that getting people to your affiliate url can be kind of tricky, especially if you try speaking out your long affiliate url. The best suggestion I have is to go to and register an easy to remember domain name and re−direct this site to your affiliate program url. Remember when purchasing your domain name not to register anything with hyphens or dashes in it. Also, try and make it as short as possible, for reasons I'll explain later. allows you to forward your domain name to any other site you like for only $4 a year.

You're redirecting your short domain name to your existing affiliate url because this will make it alot easier then saying to your listeners, "To visit so and so go to". Instead you will be saying, "To visit so and so go to Now that's much easier to remember. All though collecting Opt−In email addresses is the goal for any successful affiliate, if you've already followed the steps through out this book and already have a nice Opt−In mailing list, sending your visitors from your audio to an affiliate link is a nice way to earn some extra income, while boosting your reputation.

You could however ask everyone who downloads your audio product from your site to subscribe to one of your free courses, but I don't recommend this. We want to get these free audio reports out as quickly as possible, and following this method won't allow you to do that. We want to be able to give these audio products to every person who has a web site or Opt−In list on your topic. We want to be able to tell these people that they can download your audio series and give it away free, no strings attached to as many people as possible. Most webmasters love good content to give to their readers. Whether you want their readers to download the audio series from your site or theirs is totally up to you, however if your web hosting company has a limit on your transfer limit, you might have to be a bit careful you don't end up with thousands in extra bandwidth charges. I recommend talking to your web hosting company and telling them what you are about to do. I highly recommend for any major web sites you're going to create. The site is run by a highly respected Internet marketer and the tech support is great. Now if you want to get a little more technical with your mp3 distribution, read on. When I asked you to register a domain name that wasn't too long, I hope you listened. If you have any knowledge of Winamp (which you can download for free at, the file that plays mp3's, you would know that when you're playing an mp3, the title of the mp3 flashes accross the Winamp screen.

Being able to change this allows you to flash your web site address across the screen. To add your web siteand mp3 title do the following.

1) Open up Winamp as if you were about to play song. 2) Load your pre−recorded mp3 into winamp 3) When Winamp is loaded press "Alt 3" and a screen will pop up 4) Your now in File Info 5) Click the check box next to ID3v1 Tag 6) Fill in the title tag with the name of your audio product 7) Fill in the artist tag with your web sites address And that's it. You don't need to touch anything else, but you can play around with other settings if you like. Winamp comes with large amount of help documentations if you need assistance. Another neat feature with Winamp is being able to create skins and plugins. While this isn't something that will create a large amount of sales, it's a nice little extra. Skins are the designs you find on your Winamp application. When you download Winamp you get the plain default skin. If you have any sort of artistic talent, this might be a good way to boost your site's traffic. You could make a skin and give it out with your mp3's. Find out more about skins at and Plug−ins are a little bit more technical. Open up your Winamp application again and go to the bottom right hand corner. There should be an orange lightning graphic. Click on it and see what happens. That's an example of a Winamp plug−in. To find out more about how you can create plug−ins, visit The best thing about mp3's, skins and plug−ins is that they get passed around the Internet very quickly. Have you ever been to places like and look how many times a certain piece of software has been downloaded? It's amazing. I've seen software downloaded over a million times and that's fairly conservative.

Writing Like A Super Affiliate Using Your Autoresponder For Maximum Results

Endorsements and preselling are the super affiliates best friend. Not only will these double your sales ratio, they will also build trust between you and your readers. I must say, I learnt most of what I know about preselling from Ken Evoy and I learnt most of what I know about endorsements from Terry Dean's products. These two are the masters of their game, and they deserve to be mentioned here. Endorsing a product to your own mailing list is a lot different then just running a solo ad. While they might seem the same, solo ads, as you already know are paid for, where as endorsing a product is something you do because you believe in the product. Of course you still earn affiliate commission from this, but it's more of a "This product helped me, and I think it will help you too". Endorsing a product means you've tried the product, use the product on a regular basis and love the product. There's no use endorsing every product under the sun if you want people to trust and value what you say. So how do you go about endorsing a great product to your list? It's all in the writing. Here's an endorsement Allan Gardyne sent to his mailing list. I purchased this product from him about 10 minutes after I received it. ==============================================

1. Discover the truth about affiliate programs ...a new training manual for affiliates

============================================== Here's some great news for affiliates and affiliate merchants. Marlon Sanders has just launched a training manual that shows you step−by−step how to get traffic and make sales. While I was reading Marlon's book last night I kept thinking of an angry man on the Online Ads Digest discussion list, Pesach Lattin. Pesach reckons "no one" is making any serious money from affiliate programs. Better informed people have jumped in to defend affiliate marketing and talk about the money it generates, but Pesach has his head stuck in the sand and won't listen.

I kept thinking last night, "Someone ought to send him Marlon's new book. Then he'd understand how successful affiliates earn their money." Marlon's new book is unlike any you've ever seen. This is cutting−edge, right−up−to−date stuff that works.

"A recent survey of resellers, affiliates and associates revealed the main complaint was the lack of tools and methods for getting traffic and making sales," Marlon says. His "Associate Program Marketing Handbook" solves that problem. It gives you 25 ways to get traffic, resell products and promote an affiliate program. There's also a list of useful resources. You can use the manual yourself, or train your affiliates with it. Reprint rights are available − surprisingly cheaply − for a limited time. You will find complete info at:−manual Here are just a few of the things you'll discover: * How to promote programs using 404 error pages − plan 23. * How to get rid of those long, irritating reseller URLs and track your hits to sales ratio − plan 22. * How to buy instant traffic cheap via "co−regs" − plan 18. * A lot of affiliate programs don't give you a way to track the clicks on ads you run, links and promotions. There's a simple way to do this with any program. It's easy and really works. * How to increase your sales by using the survey/e−mail method ("This is a new method I don't see anyone using," Marlon says) − plan 21. * How to instantly double your visitors and traffic − plan 20. This is a clever method almost no one uses. * The amazing traffic finder robot that has built sites to one million visitors per month. It works while you sleep. (This is NOT spam in case you're wondering.) Plan 15. * And much, much more. The "Associate Program Marketing Handbook" comes with a 100% money−back guarantee, so you have absolutely no risk. It also has a VERY low price. It's excellent value. You can get it here:−manual Compelling isn't it? And if you know anything about Allan Gardyne, you know he's a trusted name in the affiliate marketing community. The reason why endorsements work well is because of the credibility factor. Hopefully people on your list believe what you say, and therefore they want to know what you use in your everyday running of your business.

If you're endorsing a product, tell them why use the product for what ever reason that might be and point out the benefits you got from it. You can see if you look at Allan's email, that he points out what he learnt from the book and what you will learn from it as well. It does not matter what product you're selling, people want to know what results you got from using it. This is where being careful with what product you endorse comes into play, as you are committing yourself to this product. Becareful also when you're writing, that your endorsement does not end up sounding like a complete over hyped "Shop Direct From Home" type commercial, where every one is excited.

You can stop this from happening somewhat by using ! sparingly. Too many exclamation marks makes any writing look amateurish!!!!!!!!. So what's preselling got to do with affiliate programs? Everything!

Preselling is the art of warming up your prospect to the affiliate program your selling. A good example ofpreselling would be writing an article and placing your affiliate link in that article.

Letting the visitor to your site or the reader of your article know exactly what the affiliate program you're offering can do for them will boost your sales ratio through the roof. Why? Because they know exactly what to expect when they reach the affiliate site. It's all about being specific and not trying to make the heavy sale, that's the merchants job. Your job as an affiliate is to get your readers to the affiliate site in a buying mood by making them excited at the prospect of this new product. Of course the best way to do this is for you to use the product and test it or read it yourself.

Working With Other Marketers To Boost Your Income Are you sick of earning commissions but don't have the money to purchase expensive re−print rights? I have a solution for you. What if I tell you that you could advertise a product for full profits, while others can only earn the same 40 or 50 percent commission?. Let me explain. Merchant's are always looking for more Opt−In subscribers right? So for a change, why not advertise a product for full profits without spending or working on any of the creation. Here's how. (I've done this many times before and it really does work) Find a product that you have used or recommend and email the creator of that product and tell him this is what you're offering.

"Hi Mark

My name is Shane Pearce, and I'm contacting you today because your products are of the highest quality. Because of that, I'm also contacting you today to discover if you would be interested in a mutually beneficial partnership. For full 100% profits of your product, I will create a web site solely around your product and add a pop up box on exit. This pop up box will collect email addresses for your Ezine or free course" And so on... Of course you could write something a little more compelling if you wish. Making the owner of this product realise how beneficial it is for them to accept your offer is the whole aim of this letter. But do you see what I'm getting at? You get a product to sell for all the profits, however instead of using your Opt−In mailing list to collect email addresses, you will use the merchants Opt−In mailing list. This way they get something out of the deal thats more valuable then a one off sale for $27, or what ever the price is.

I did this once for a book on how to catch Bass, early this year. The book had it's fair share of exposure already so the merchant didn't mind me selling it as he was out of idea's for promotion. He did however have a new product out on the market and he wanted fresh email leads to advertise to. I used my own credit card facilities and web hosting so the owner did not have to do anything but sit back and get highly qualified leads for his new product. All he had to do was supply me with the pop up box and the html code for his mailing list.

It's a win − win situation. I added hundreds of new email leads for him, and I made good profits from a well written book that I did not even create. So how do you advertise this product if it's already been blasted around the Internet? Before you start advertising I suggest that you ask the product owner whether or not you can use your own sales letter or not. This will improve your results ten fold, especially if you happen to advertise in the same place as the owner did. Obviously not every person purchased the book when it was advertised to them before, so you still have a wide market to work with. Ask as many questions as possible too. Find out where the product has been advertised, how it was advertised, IE, Ezines, Offline, Articles and find out what worked best. When you find out what worked best, do it again but add your own little twists to it. The best idea to advertise your product is with a free course. When I first started doing this, building an Opt−In list for this one quick project was a waste of time because A) it costs a fortune to generate lists quickly B) It takes years to generate lists inexpensively with a lot of work involved as well. With the introduction of Co−Registration you can generate leads for any topic from around 15 to 25 cents. With ezine advertising, this can cost upwards of $1 per lead and banner advertising is not really an option most times. Co−Registration could be your whole advertising campaign if you have the money to do so. Depending on what type of deal you have with the product owner, you could even start your own affiliate program. A Story From Lisa Irby Of AffiliteBlunders.Com I used to be involved in Magic Learning Systems' affiliate program (back in 1998) It was the first affiliate program I ever joined and it was 2 tier. In a way I used that affiliate program as a vehicle to promote products for other affiliate programs I belonged to. I'll explain.... Since it was 2 tier, I wound up with over 700 people in my downline. That was back when search engines were easy to dominate so I recruited affiliates fast! And as with most affiliate programs, 90% of the people that joined were novices and didn't really know where or how to start. I built a support web site just for MLS (it had instructions on how to build your own web site, get your own domain, HTML tips, etc.) I also sent out a weekly newsletter with marketing tips for beginners. In the newsletter, I promoted programs like Ken Evoy's book and other helpful marketing tools. Because I had earned the respect from these people I had helped, the conversion rate on the products I referred was extremely high (over 20% for Ken Evoy's program when the average was about 6% at the time). I have since quit the program (Magic Learning Systems) since they nearly doubled the price of the learning software, and I didn't feel the product was worth its price, but the good news is I gained many email addresses and the respect of people that relied on my help. Some of these same people have joined other 2 tier programs under me and are still generating additional income 2 years later. So the point is that I believe it is extremely important to build relationships with your web site's visitors. A lot of people don't feel that is important if they are an affiliate, but it's equally important. I learned that from Allan Gardyne of and really respect how he has earned the respect in the affiliate industry.

People You Should Read More About

These are a list of people you should read more about. These people helped me beyond belief when I first started, and they are still helping me now. I only started promoting affiliate programs in 1999, so the people who helped me are also fairly new to the industry. These people are highly recommended and most offer alot of very useful information for free.

Brian Garvin

If you want to learn how one guy makes $180,000 a year alone with affiliate programs, 90% automated, you will find all the information you can about Brian Garvin. I have the pleasure of knowing him personally and he truly is a guy that takes the Internet by the scruff of the neck. He came to "Fame" so to speak with his Opt−in Lightning software which sold thru the roof and is still selling well. Every Internet Marketer worth his salt has used Opt−In Lightning. It's an aggressive piece of software that will increase your Opt−In list alot quick then conventional Pop Up Boxes. His new project of course is Lightning Track, an all in one ad tracking script. The original price was going to be $197 and it would be worth every cent, but he's decided to leave it at $47 forever. Ad tracking services cost anywhere from $9.95 to $19.95 a month, so you can see the value. It also offers alot more then any other tracker I've seen. I suggest you put his name into and you will learn alot about him and read alot of his interesting articles. Terry Dean I've purchased just about all of Terry Dean's products, but none as helped me more then his members only site at This site has everything, and I do mean everything you need to succeed online. Not only do the new comers to this site find it amazing, but people like Marlon Sanders read everything that is said in this site. If I only had $20 to my name and needed to know how to advertise online,then this is the site. His free ezine is also amongst the best I've ever seen. He also has a large database of free articles on his site that you can use and distribute as well. Visit his web site at Phil Wiley This guy helped me quit my job and start earning serious affiliate income. He showed me how to create a $1000 a year web site for $10 and do it over and over again. He writes very simply and his examples are amazing. He recently launched a new book called Mini Site Profits and it's been a big success for him. He also runs a free ezine that is second only to Terry Deans in my eyes. You can sign up at Yanik Silver It seems Yanik releases a new product every month. The amazing thing about this guy is he knows how to make quick profits with no huge backing behind him. Autoresponder Magic made him a house hold name in the Internet marketing field and he hasn't looked back since. I've purchased most of his products and I can honestly say they are top notch. You can find out more about him and his products at I still use his templates to this day. Allan Gardyne Allan was the first person I read about when I came online back in early 98. His site has changed a fair bit over the years, but still provides you with one of the largest known databases of affiliate programs on the net. He was also the first person to have an affiliate program directory. I recommend you join up for his free ezine and you also look at his other free sites at and

Frank Garon

Mr super affiliate himself. Apart from offering free consultation with him over the phone, he also runs a very interesting free ezine that comes out just about daily. He earned over $130,000 from affiliate programs alone last year and is still going strong. His Opt−In list would have to be the most worked list I've ever seen, yet I still read everything he has to say. If you want an honest answer, and instant help, this is the guy you need to talk too. You can visit his site at Kris Stringham Kris runs and is one of the smartest markters on the Internet. She has come up with ideas that have blown away some of the most well known Internet marketers today. Her whole business is her web site and her Opt−In mailing list. I highly recommend you join her ezine if only to keep up with what's going on in the Internet marketing field. Just about everyone who releases a new product advertises with her ezine first. Quick Techniques This section is just a little added bonus I thought would help you in someway to understand a few tactics that are very important. There is a lot more to talk about on each of these subjects however this is just a quick guide. Starting Your Own Affiliate Program If you're selling a product online, 99% of the time you really should have some sort of affiliate program in place. The benefits are amazing. Paying other people to promote your products and only paying them when you make a sale is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. And if you treat your affiliates right, you can end up with an amazing sales team and a lot of new friends. The only affiliate software I use now is I use them to accept credit cards as well. Depending on your budget, I highly recommend Clickbank for all your Ecommerce needs. While it's not the best affiliate software out there, for the price it's amazing. They handle all the payments to you and your affiliates, so all you have to do is provide the support. The cost to use Clickbank is only $49.95. That's a one off payment, not a monthly payment. You then pay $1 plus 7.5% on every sale you make. If you're selling anything above $250.00 per sale mark, Clickbank might not be the best option for you. If you want to spend a little extra and do all the processing work yourself, I recommend you look at They have a lot of very useful options and the pricing is fairly reasonable for what they offer.

So what makes a good affiliate program?

A) Good commission B) An Excellent Product C) Unlimited Affiliate Support D) Fair Tracking − Very Important

Paying affiliates small commissions like 5 to 20% is not going to create much affiliate loyalty. I myself would never promote a product for measly profits like that. The product could be worth $10,000 and you might make $2,000 per sale but for the work you will have to put in to make the sale, it's not worth it. I promote certain residual affiliate programs that pay me only 25%, but these people pay me a monthly check, which builds a nice income for me every month. Trying to make a one off sale for $2,000 would be a risky business unless you had a rather large Opt−In list that were eager to buy from you. I myself usually only promote products and services that pay me 40 to 50% per sale. Anything is not worth my time to promote, as I am in this business to make money. So if you're selling something like an ebook or audio series that can be downloaded instantly without any shipping or handling costs, you should be able to pay 40 to 50% easily. Considering the affiliate is doing all the work and paying all advertising costs, anything less is an insult really.

Of course if you don't have a product that sells well, commission wont really matter as no one will be promoting your product for long.

Offering unlimited affiliate support is more then just putting up a webpage with a few banners they can use with some outdated information about affiliate marketing. Successful affiliate managers really know how to help their affiliates anyway possible.

Here are a few ways you can provide great support.

A) Create a free affiliate marketing training course for your affiliates to read and use. B) Have unlimited and quick email support when needed. C) Personal consultation to help your affiliates. Let them tell you how they are promoting your product and tell them how they could be earning more commissions. These are just a few idea's but they will certainly help affiliate loyalty.

Last but not least, affiliate tracking. This is where a lot of affiliate managers try and weasel out of giving affiliates fair commission tracking. I never promote affiliate programs any more that don't let you make a sale up to 90 days after the visitor clicks on my affiliate link. So what this means is, if a prospect clicks on my affiliate link and visits the affiliate site I'm promoting and decides not to buy just yet, but he comes back for example 50 days later and makes a sale, I still getcommission from that sale. If you run your affiliate program via, they allow you to track commissions for up to 90 days.

Having an affiliate program that makes the visitor have to purchase straight away only let's down the affiliate. You have to think how you would like to be treated if you were an affiliate selling your product. How Stamps Can Increase Your Profits By Thousands Who would of guessed that you could boost your profits with stamps. It doesn't matter what type of business your running, whether it's direct mail or solely based online, stamps can give you that little advantage over your competitors.

Personalized stamps allow your stamps to be personalized by printing a photograph on the tab of the stamp.

Imagine this. You've got a new product out that you want other people to sell for you, but the last time you emailed them with your offer they hardly even noticed it. You then tried faxing them and got a little better response, yet still no where near where you want it to be. You then, as your last resort send your joint venture letters via mail and you response is amazing. But this option has a twist. While this won't help you if your product is a dud, or your offering a very low commission percentage, but it will get the attention of any one who reads it.

Imagine then having your own customized stamps with your photo of your web site on the front. Do you think this would get the peoples attention? You better believe it. It gives your offer a little more class and you will stand out as someone who takes what your doing seriously.

My fathers fishing tackle business went online about 2 years back, (This is explained more in the next "Quick Technique") and we were not quite sure how to let our current customers and partners know this. We did however have one important piece of information, their mailing address.

We decided to send them a letter with our personalized stamps, to let them know ordering online was a lot easier then faxing or mailing us the orders. The response we got was amazing. People commented on the stamps and we received a flood of orders online.

So how do you go about getting your own personalized stamps? Ask your local post office. We currently get 1000 stamps for $1000. But I'm sure you could get less then that if you wish.

Case Study: Turning An Offline Business Online − This Is A Must Read

My fathers fishing tackle business was a booming offline success. His partner and himself are widely respected members of the fishing community and have reached a very wide audience. The only problemwas that creating his fishing lures was a very long process as they were all hand made and perfect quality.

The amount of orders he was getting every week was 7 times as many as he could make in one week, which produced a huge problem that could of ruined his reputation and his business. When people put an order in, they expect to get their order out. You would think having thousands of orders would be a good thing, but not in a situation like this.

So what happened? He turned to me to find a solution. I'm no genius but I know some things about Internet marketing. So I came up with a plan and showed it to his partner first (my father is not the computer type) then he explained it to my father. I must tell you now, he was suitably impressed and he no longer wondered what I did on the computer until all hours of the night. So what was my idea? I raised the price of the lures by 400%. Hear me out before you start hurling abuse at me. What I did was create a website that sold the lures in a package of 4 and added an ebook to the product. I sold the product for $97, where they use to sell individual lures for only $8. The best part about this was the orders decreased in size, but they were generating a lot more profits with 1/4 of the work they were doing before.

The ebook was a book about bass fishing and this helped my father become an even more recognized name in the industry. Ebooks are great, as they increase the perceived value of any offer 100%. We also began collecting email addresses and mailing addresses so we could contact them again and again.

Now this is what I call a successful merge from offline to online, and it took less then 3 months. Does Your WebSite Require People To Leave Your Site To Make An Affiliate Sale? Well Not Anymore!

Some people love frames, some people hate frames. I've was conditioned to hate frames when I worked for a search engine positioning service, but that's a lot different to this technique.

Having your affiliate link load in your web site is a brilliant idea if you're not going for the one off sale. Sites like Allan Gardynes, could make good use of this. Here's an example of a site who's using frames in a very smart way. Visit www.million−dollar− and see how they use frames.

This would be great to use for a product review site, or even if you offer multiple products from your one site. Also, instead of people leaving your web site to go to an affiliate site , you can still keep them on your site while making the sale.

You can even keep collecting Opt−In addresses while the visitor is at the affiliate site by putting your subscribe box on the top, bottom or side frames. If you would like to learn more about frames visit

Tracking Your Way To Success

There are so many ways to track your advertising campaigns today, it's phenomenal. There are the cheaper methods of create separate sites for each ad, IE, or, and so on. You can use other peoples software like or which I also like. However none of these services allow you to do split testing. I'm absolutely addicted to this form of tracking now. Split testing allows you to test 2 web sites in 1 ad. Say you're advertising in an ezine, and you have two sales letters that you want to test to see which one gets the best results. The best way to do this would be to run an ad through your ad tracker which directs 1 visitor to one site, and the next visitor to another site. If you would like to run an ad and have the ability for your visitors to go to 2 different URLS through it (to see which one makes more sales), then give it a try. I use Terry Deans split testing system that is part of the members sites. Of course there is the up scale model, which I highly recommend at This is being promoted by Brian Garvin. This guy is earning $1000 a day online and he knows his stuff. You probably know him from his Opt−In Lightning success or as the guy who made a fortune with the Big Dogs program. This option gives you everything you could possibly want for in an ad tracking system, and for $47, you would be crazy not to pick up a copy. How Requests Can Boost Your Online Business This idea is a bit like the artist working his or her fan base and asking them to request their song on the radio. I'm a member of the Jewel fan club, and recently she sent a message to her fan club mailing list to request that they ask radio stations to play her song. At this time hardly any radio stations were playing her music as they didn't think anyone wanted to listen to it. Soon enough though, every radio station in America got bombarded by 4000 angry Jewel fans requesting her song. Later that month her song was one of the most played on the radio and stayed in the top 100 longer then any other song in history. Requests can also boost your online business. Imagine having hundreds of people bombarding ezine publishers asking them to publish your articles. Since ezine publishers want to keep their subscribershappy, that's exactly what they would do.

I once wrote an article for a large publication that received a lot of great responses. These people wanted to read more of what I wrote, so I asked these people to email the publication and request that they publish more of my articles.

You can easily do the same by asking for feedback in your article byline. If you already have an Opt−In list yourself, you can then ask these people to email other ezine publishers to read and then publish your articles.

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