Your main product on the internet will be information which will then lead to the distribution of more advanced information or a physical product or service. Whatever the case may be, you will become an information provider. In order to be successful, you will need to follow a simple formula or path of travel. Although the words to the formula may vary according to the publisher, the basic ingredients are concrete. In basic form, you will need a product offer done with good sales copy coupled with targeted traffic.

The stages of the creation as outlined on Profit Genesis is correlated with the basic formula. If you work diligently to follow this formula, you will succeed.

Your product can be almost anything including health products, vitamins, automobiles, weight loss, magic tricks, internet instruction, etc. People will pay for quality information. The information must be good, and it must help people solve problems. The free information that you offer must make people want to come back.

You can make a lot of money even if you do not have your own product. This is called affiliation marketing which means that you would act as a middle person between buyers and sellers. You can make affiliations with those that already have a product. In this case, it is up to you to pre-sell the visitor with a review showing that you have used the program or product and that you will vouch for it. This method becomes very profitable because the commission rate is usually very high (50% to 70%). The commission rate for health stores is usually around 10% to 15%.

You must become a problem solver for those who visit your website. Keep in mind that the main concern of the buyer is to get valid information on which is the best program or solution for the buyer's problem.

Being an affiliation marketer is a perfect way to start until you can perhaps develop your own product. The main point is that you can do this now. If you are the type of person that will put this off based on the excuse that you are too busy or that you have family and social problems, then you should stop right now and go watch TV. If you succomb to problems so easily, it means that those problems will always be with you over the coming years. Nothing will change in your life unless you become determined to make it change.

For now, we are talking just about very basic concepts. Do not for a moment think that this talk is just cosmetic in nature. Although this is basic material, it will be this type of understanding that will form the foundation that will lead to success.

Education becomes cosmetic if the education is not put to use by taking action. In order to get into the action mode, you will have to focus on the work that has to be done. Therefore, the plan of action will be as follows. You will learn firmly each of the concepts presented here and from other resources that you may acquire either here or elsewhere. You must also focus on understanding how each concept relates to the success of the business. It will be important to focus on a daily plan of action that will put your knowledge to work in actual practice. Taking action will be entirely up to you, and this cannot come from a book. You must place into practice whatever you learn. It is critical that you do something every single day as a form of discipline. Even if you merely add one paragraph of content to your website, it will maintain your focus on the ultimate objective.

The advantages of starting an Internet business should be obvious. The cost of entry is so low that your financial risk is almost nil. The big negative is that so many people fail to make any money at all. However, you must understand that dealing with the internet is not the same as the type of business that is taught in colleges. As a result, one cannot operate with the same mentality as though you owned a physical store or factory. Those who fail are those who still believe that simply by building a website is good enough. These people are of the mentality that visitors will somehow see the website just as if it were situated in a physical shopping mall. In reality, building a website through most of the hosting services without regard to optimizing the search engines would be the equivalent of building a shopping mall in the middle of the desert 50 miles from the main highway and 100 miles from the nearest city.

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