What Is A Blog

by Anthony Campos

Not many people really know what a blog may be although it has been around for some time now. Many people in the news media now use blogs to get their opinions on the air. It allows users to get their words posted immediately to the web. A blog becomes like a journal. The advantage is that it can be posted much more quickly than a post to a website.

Another great advantage is that blogging is free. In other words, it represents free exposure for the creator and his website. As a result, you should consider using this method of creating traffic to your website.

Probably the most common use of the blog is that of a journal where the writer presents an opinion about something. It can be just a personal thing. However, most blogs do have a commercial purpose whether it is to promote a website or to promote a political opinion. It can also be used as a critique about something in life.

Your blog should have a definite purpose, and it should be updated on a regular basis. For this to work, you must become enthusiastic about this.

The blog can become important in getting traffic by the use of keywords within the blog. Getting picked by search engines because of the use of keywords can lead to a whole lot of traffic coming to your website.

Another way that blogging can help your search engine ranking is by the quality score. Google will rank websites with a quality score. In other words, websites that have more content will score higher than those with just a sales page. If a website has a blog on it with fresh content each day, the engine will score that site more highly. As a result, the site gets closer to the higher ranking entries on the search engine for a particular keyword.

Blogger.com is a free blogging service operated by Google. This one is perfect for the newbie. It is very easy to initiate with straight forward texting.

You will have to create an account, name your blog and then choose a template. The account that you create will be used for other Google operations. Your simple user name will then be translated into a URL address. It is just like having a website. The template that you choose should be kept clean and simple.

You should be able to imagine the potential of all this. You can add Google Adsense ads and other banner ads with links to your regular website. Doing a blog will become an important step in accomplishing your monetization stage.

You will have your own blog in which you can present opinions and product reviews all geared to get viewers to come to your site. This is all free. Now consider that most newbie website owners out there do not even know about this free service. No wonder so many people fail. Although the use of the blog is just one small link in the chain to success, it does become important in the overall success pattern. In the end, your success will really depend on the accumulated effect of many operational steps of which the blog will be one of the important things to do.

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