Fifth Stage: Pre-Sell Concept

Pre-selling is a method of presenting your product without using a sales pitch. It is a no-hype method of giving the visitor valuable information without purposely trying to get the sale right off the bat. In other words, people are tired of getting hit with emotional hype and promises of getting rich by tomorrow if the program is bought right now. Many online marketers will hit you with that hype immediately.

Pre-selling can also be considered the art of getting a visitor ready to buy a product before being presented with the official offer.

In the prior stage of adding content, we gave away valuable information which we can consider educational in nature. The purpose of this was to better inform the visitor concerning the field so that he or she can make an informed decision about future action.

In the pre-sell stage, we want to begin informing the visitor about the products that can solve the visitor's problem. This also will be educational, and it should abide by the rules of not using exaggerated hype. You must come across as someone who has experience with with the product. In other words, you should give a full review of your experience with the product.

At this point, you will either be an affiliate or the actual marketer. If you are the actual merchant (seller), then you will go for the sale. If you are an affiliate, you will have to use your writing skills or apply your own spin to make a connection with the visitor before the visitor goes to the merchant's landing page (sales page).

Your job is to show products that will solve problems for the visitor in a way that will be mutually beneficial.

Here at Profit Genesis you will note that we recognize that everyone is different when it comes of level of computer ability and overall education. We treat people from the "newbie" point of view. Everyone should fall into a standard when it comes to the laws of nature regarding the basics of the stages presented here. However, it does become important for you to develop your own slant on the approach. In other words, experiment with being different from the other guy. If anything fails, you try again or make changes. Just do not try to change the laws of nature.

ProfitGenesis operates by example. Before we sell you on anything, we fully explain how internet marketing works, and then we fully explain how the product works. We can explain the product, because we have used the product. This is called due diligence. In other words, it becomes important for us at ProfitGenesis to know that you have enough information to make an intelligent decision.

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