The Study of Profit Generation

My name is Anthony Campos or Tony for short, and I welcome you to Profit Genesis. I describe this site as a place where education and the real world meet. Another way to look at it would be to describe it as a place where relevant knowledge interacts with the motivational forces of the real world to generate a profit in the most efficient way possible. To do this, we must operate on two fronts with one being a continual study of internet operations and the other being a choice of fee-based resources. In other words, Profit Genesis will provide the basic education to allow the viewer the ability to make choices concerning his or her destiny. Then, it will be up to the viewer to choose the path of interest and decide on the best resource programs to acquire. The objective at Profit Genesis is to help you attain your goal by guiding you safely through the internet jungle of savages that rely on emotional hype and exaggeration to keep you from doing the right thing. What is the right thing? The right thing is to attain knowledge so that you can think for yourself so that you can either invent or discover new methods that will be suitable for you. Do not fall prey to the hype of attaining riches overnight without doing some educational work. However, if you do the work and do it properly, the odds are very good that you will make all the money you want. The only prerequisite for this course is that you be enthusiastic about this work, and be ready to do something positive everyday from now on.

You will see no emotional hype on Profit Genesis. Instead, you will see ENTHUSIASM. I firmly believe that you must find excitement in this type of learning, and I must show the highest possible level of excitement as well. I will show this enthusiasm in my educational courses, and be aware that I will also show very high enthusiasm when I recommend a program that is offered by a marketer. My own reputation and my recommendations will be linked together.

I hope you enjoy Profit Genesis as a safe haven. This is a complete educational website at your service. I feel confident that you will succeed if you are willing to learn to do this work the right way. Good luck, and may the spiritual force of will power and confidence be with you.

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In order to open certain pdf internet files, you will need winzip. This will be a required tool. A regular license will cost about $29. You can get a free trial version for 45 days without obligation at:

If you go to the search engine and type in (unzipping files), you will find some sources that will offer freeware versions that are free. They may not be as good, but they will work.

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