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SiteBuildIt: the best hosting service with complete training if all that you may require is one or two websites.  If you require many websites, it may be more feasible to acquire a server that allows unlimited sites for a set yearly price.  It all depends on your needs and preferences. 

The programs that are reviewed here are items that have been bought and used. The stories told here are not fiction. The analysis of these programs are based on years of education and experience in the world of business and management specializing in recognizing viable business models.

On this site, my job is to recommend viable affiliate programs that will work for the newbie. Notice that I said it was for the newbie. A very experienced web marketer could perhaps succeed in a program where most newbies would fail. I have chosen programs that will offer the newbie entrepreneur the best possible chance to succeed on the internet.

In order to succeed through the necessary stages of development, you will need a hosting service and either one or two programs that have been published by leading marketers. You should go with the best if you value your time and want to be efficient with your investment. 


The hosting service that you use to house your domain is much more critical than you may believe. Actually, the whole game may well hang in the balance with this one action.

Shouldn't you just pick the cheapest service?

Aren't they all the same?

Isn't it really just paying for the use of a site builder?

The answer is NO, NO, NO.

Hold everything right here! Don't even move! Listen!

If your site is geared for non-profit or geared for a localized free service, then go for the cheapie hosting service. In such case, all you need is a website that can be found by word of mouth or local advertising. On the other hand, if you are going for nationwide attraction to make real money, then you better hear what I have to say.

When you look at the websites of most hosting services, you will most likely not even know what kind of site building system they use. Is it a simple drag and drop or is it Trellix? Do you choose windows based or Unix? There will always be price packages where some things will be included only if you pay more. Which package do you choose? What most newbies do not consider is that the all important autoresponder is not included. The autoresponder will cost extra, or it will have to be acquired on a monthly subscription by some other company. Without the autoresponder, your automation will be limited, and you will never be able to collect a list of visitors to your site so that you can reach them with a newsletter or with further information concerning your business. Well, SiteBuildIt comes with a responder. SiteBuildIt comes with a lot of things ready to go. The following mini-video is just one example of many that you will be able to use on your site. Anthony140.html

While the idea of a drag and drop may sound good, you may get into a program that is not very stable and find that your "drop" has moved on you. Luckily just about every service will offer 30 days to opt out. The point is that you will lose valuable time bouncing around trying to find the right service, and then you may find yourself trapped in a program that simply does not deliver. You may find yourself with a total loss of confidence in the service. However, worse of all, you will find that there will be no traffic coming your way. If this should ever happen, make sure that you make a copy of your website before you terminate that service so that you can replant it somewhere else.

Profit Genesis is powered by SiteBuildIt. I will tell you the story behind this. By the way, if you want to get the whole story from SiteBuildIt, just click on the "Powered by SiteBuildIt" bar at the very bottom of this page.

When I first bought into the SiteBuildIt program several years ago, I did worry about the cost. My other website ( was hosted by Earthlink which happens to be a brand name and a major internet company. My yearly cost at Earthlink ran about $348. I used Earthlink because I got attached to the Trellix system that it uses. I get about one thousand hits per day, but that is due to my own niche involving a few stock market issues. When I first delved into the SiteBuildIt program, I felt like I was lost in the middle of an information jungle. Can you believe this! The biggest negative about SiteBuildIt was that it offered so much information that I actually got lost. I had gotten used to the simple life at Earthlink where I had visitors but I did not have the tools to bring in paying customers. For example, I had no autoresponder and entering keywords was a pain in the neck.

So now, here I was in the middle of this massive expanse of information, and it felt scary. I felt that maybe it was too much information to learn, and I hesitated. I was so close to sending the email to cancel. I felt that I could not change from the easy Trellix builder to this complicated looking program. I pondered over this for several days. Trellix was easy, but it did hit me at that point that I was not really making money at Earthlink. Maybe a change was in order. So I decided to go day by day with the SiteBuildIt Video Guide. I had a choice of getting a male voice or a female voice to accompany the instructional videos. No other hosting service ever offered anything like this. Well, of course, I picked the female voice. After a while, it felt like the female entity presenting the video guide was becoming a friend. The voice was friendly and it was sympathetic. Every now and then, the voice would come across and say something like, "Okay now, does it feel like there is too much coming at you. Just relax. Take a break. Take a walk. Your patience will be rewarded." The voice doing the instruction gives it the needed personal touch to keep you going in the right path.

There were times when I spent two or three hours trying to figure something out. Was it time wasted? No, it was not, because in the process I began to learn where everything was located. As I poked around the SiteBuildIt program, I began to notice things that I had not noticed before. There was an autoresponder. There were loads of promotional videos that can be used on my own site. There were full courses on internet marketing that I could use on my site as a free service to my visitors. I could not believe what I was seeing here. When I first started I could not see the forest for the trees. Now, it all became clear. With all this for just $299 per year, I was actually saving money and time compared to all the other hosting services put together.

There is more to this. The other hosting services all had limits on the usage by viewers, and the size of the site was also limited by a certain amount. Well, guess what? SiteBuildIt has no limit for the single price being charged. You can use as much space as you want without fear of going over the limit, and you can have as many hits on your site as your imagination may run. In the end, when you consider all of this, SiteBuildIt is actually cheaper than all others combined and you are getting much more in quality. Now, I am totally frustrated that my monthly payment to Earthlink is a total rip for one of my sites.

All I can say is that I am so lucky that I did not quit. Earthlink charges more while giving less in tools, guidance and marketing information. I have another website with another hosting service at the rate of $100 per year which offers no autoresponder and not much in the way of guidance and keyword submission, but even that one is better than Earthlink. Here is another mini-video that you can use.

It is simply amazing how quickly one can learn a system once you begin working it. It is also amazing how much you learn about internet marketing when you fish around for the solutions. After a while, it began to hit me just how efficilent the SBI system can be. It was like jumping into the water followed by splashing around ending with a smooth swim stroke in a very short period of time.

After a few sessions of watching the instructional video, I got hooked on the idea that the videos covered every facet of the SiteBuildIt program.

Now here's the best part. When you pay for the SBI hosting service, you are getting a whole course on internet marketing. I mean you get a full course covering all of my stages of creation that you see on my home page. SBI is a complete genesis program for the efficient creation of a website as it relates to the domain, keywords, traffic, content, pre-selling, marketing tools and monetization. There is no other hosting service like this. It is truly all in one.

Here is one more thing that might be of interest to you. Other hosts will charge you for having a domain redirected to you site. Well, SiteBuildIt will register a domain for under $10 and then allow you to direct that name to one of your sites at SiteBuildIt without charge. 

There is more. Traffic building is a key issue. Within the hosting program, there is an entry point for your keywords right on the creation page. There is included a tool that will actually analyze your chosen keywords. Once entered, the SiteBuildIt program will send out your keywords to the search engines. It works for you with a click of the button.

A new innovation is that there are two systems of creating your website at this server.  It is no longer complicated.  You can now directly type in your work while seeing exactly what the page looks like.  The speed of each entry is great and accurate.

The Affiliate Masters Course is just one example of what you get with the SiteBuildIt program. Take a good look at it, and then imagine that there is a step by step video guide on creating your very own profit machine. Look at even more proof and hit the SBI video tour banner.

Click on the "powered by SitebuildIt" bar at the bottom of any page for a full explanation of the Program by the SBI CEO. (to order Sitebuildit)

SiteBuildIt has a monthly payment plan which makes this affordable.

SiteBuildIt Affiliate Masters Course

SBI Video Tour!

If you like what you have seen, but still feel unsure, please feel free to confer with a SiteBuildIt owner.

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