Website Building Operations

One of the primary objectives of a well-organized website is to keep your visitors in the website once they arrive. Then the objective is to keep them flowing through the website until they can realize your offer. Your layout design becomes critical.

Your navigation bar deserves some good planning. YOu should spend some time working it on paper. First, you should consider the major categories of the subject matter, and then you should consider the order in which those topic will be shown from top to bottom or from left to right. I tend to favor the vertical style bar if there are many classifications (say up to 15 items).

The operation involving payment by your clients is important. Your buyers must feel comfortable with this. The more payment options you offer, the better it will be to make the sale. The point of entry should be smooth. Either PayPal or something like ClickBank can be used. However, ClickBank is quicker although it is more expensive than using PayPal.

Publish testimonials and comments from your customers. A good idea would be to publish both good and bad comments so that prospective buyers will be convinced that the testimony is real. A good strategy here would be to turn those negative testimonials into a positive with a counter explanation by you showing that the negative testimonial may be flawed.

You should offer quality bonuses along with the product. When you offer a bonus, your prospects will feel it's a great deal and that it would be a mistake to miss it. It is a good idea to state the monetary value of your bonuses. You will want people to feel compelled to accept your offer.

A major operation at this point is to ask for the sale. Make it easy by showing the click button with highlighted instructions.

In order to be truly successful, one has to be aware of all that can be done with the operation of a website. It is critical that you collect the email of all that visit your site, and then it becomes important that you correspond with those visitors. Therefore, you must learn how to use a simple autoresponder. You must also learn how to set up links....all types of links coming into your site and going out of your site, and of course, you will use links within your site. There are multitudes of other things to consider including blogs, press releases and ebook publications that will carry links to your site. You will configure your site to maximize the flow of traffic to your domain. In other words, the key is to insert your URL link in as many places as you can think of accompanied with an offer of free information or anything else that may be appropriate.

If you offer a freebie, place it on a download page by itself. Then this operation would entail that you place links to that download page from various parts of your website. You want to make it easy for the visitor to find that download page that will get your visitor to register for it with a first name and email address.

Depending on the nature of your site, you could consider using a message board which is sometimes part of your hosting service. However, it would be advisable not to use this device if it offers no advantage to increasing your revenue.

What so many newbies do not realize is that it requires work to build a successful website. It is no longer just a matter of working keywords into your site. There are now too many keyword experts around beating the heck out of that path. You need to work every day by using just one of many methods.

You should continually add content to your site. You can create your own articles, or you can gain access to PLR material. PLR material will be explained within this site. This is material which you can buy and retain the right to either print directly or modify as you wish. This is the best way to attain content for your site. However, this process must be done correctly to avoid possilbe problems with the search engines.

You can write articles to article directories. These articles will contain links to your website. This will be fully explained in one of our courses.

You should also consider the use of message boards to get people to go to your site. Along with this, you should consider social networking and create a blog on Then, if you truly apply yourself, you may even find new ways to attract attention. The important thing is to form links to your site from as many directions as you can find. Although your site may be on autopilot, you should never cease doing work to improve your site. Keep in mind that much of this work will not even be physical additions to the site itself. It will be outside work.

Building operations will be found in more detail within the Solo Build It Masters Course, within our free library, and within our Gated Community.

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